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Why Choose HC Cheer?


  • Howard College offers great scholarships to cheerleaders that typically cover the costs of tuition and books!
  • HC Cheerleaders are a very prominent organization on campus. We cheer on the Men’s and Women’s Basketball teams at home and away games, and support other athletic teams and organizations on campus.
  • HC Cheerleaders also give back to the community by volunteering for several different non-profit organizations.
  • Above all else, Howard College Cheerleaders have FUN! We work hard, play hard, and cheer hard!!!


What Can I Expect During Try-outs?


  • Applicants will try-out in front of the HC Cheer Coach and 2 other judges.
  • Stunting skills will be showcased in groups and each applicant may choose 3 different stunt skills to be judged upon (if an applicant stunts as both a Base and a Flyer, she may try-out using both skills). Each applicant will then perform the rest of their try-out individually.
  • Applicants will “spirit” out to the middle of the floor - this is your opportunity to showcase your tumbling ability (tumbling is preferred, but not required).
  • Applicants will then perform 3 consecutive jumps, and a double-toe touch.
  • Next, applicants will perform the Chant, Cheer, and Dance that was taught during the clinic.
  • Lastly, each applicant will participate in a brief interview with the Cheer Coach and Judges.
  • Applicants will be informed of who makes the squad by a letter, sent in the mail within a week after tryouts. Those who are selected to the squad will then be notified of the first team meeting and must attend.


How Will I Be Judged?


  • Interview/Essay
  • Reference Letter
  • Appearance (collegiate cheerleader look)
  • Spirit/Enthusiasm
  • Cheer/Chant Skills (sharp motions, loud and clear voice, facial expression)
  • Dance Ability (women only; facial expression, rhythm, execution of the motions)
  • Jumps (technique and difficulty)
  • Stunting skills (technique and ability)
  • Tumbling skills (technique and ability)
  • (Mats will be available at practices and tryouts for stunting and tumbling.)


What Should I Wear to Try-outs?


  • Applicants should wear “Cheer appropriate” attire. This includes shorts, t-shirt or tank top, cheer shoes, and hair pulled out of the face. Dressing in HC Red and Black is always a plus!

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