Application/Try-out Checklist

  • Classroom Guidelines

    • Must maintain a 2.0 GPA.
    • Be enrolled and passing 12 college credit hours.
    • Must attend class regularly alerting professor and coach before class will be missed.
    • Must attend required hours in Tutoring Center.
    • Receiving any grade lower than a "C" on a grade report, will prevent you from being allowed to cheer at the next game.
    • Must be respectful and courteous to teammates, classmates, and all Howard College faculty and staff.
    • Make up homework ASAP.
    • Cheating or plagiarism of any kind is not tolerable and is subject to immediate termination from cheerleading squad.
    • Classroom books are received from and returned to the training center at appropriate predetermined times.
  • Practice and Game Guidelines

    • Be on time (arrive early 1 hour before first game).
    • No jewelry of any kind.
    • No unsightly tattoos exposed, must be covered up.
    • No colored finger nail polish or fake nails, keep nails at athletic length.
    • Females-hair is to be pulled back.
    • Everyone-hair is to be of natural color.
    • Males-must be clean shaven or facial hair well groomed.
    • Everyone must maintain the same uniform look, females (includes hair ribbons)
    • Change into cheer shoes inside of building, never wear these outdoors.
    • Cheer gear to be worn by cheerleaders only, do not loan out to friends.
    • No cell phones allowed.
    • Safety is first priority.  There will be no stunting when cheer coach is not present.
    • No socializing with friends or cheerleaders while the game is in progress.
    • No chewing gum or eating.
    • Keep cheer area picked up, clean of any debris.
    • The entire squad will ride to and from games together.
    • All squad members will help with the floor and cleaning up area after practice.
    • Report any injury to Cheer Advisor first, and then go to Training Room.
    • Smile!
  • Code of Conduct, Responsibilities, & General Rules

    • Be Courteous.
    • Be Respectful.
    • Maintain Positive Attitude.
    • Be an active listener and accept constructive criticism.
    • Develop and maintain a good attitude and work ethic.
    • Enroll in Lifetime Fitness Class and must make an “A”.
    • Join SGA (Student Government Association).
    • Be on time (be early).
    • No Smoking, Drinking, or Drugs.
    • Develop a structured stretching and exercise routine.
    • Focus on task at hand, no horsing around.
    • Perform at basketball games, both home and away.
    • Be present at home softball and baseball games.
    • Attend annual College Rodeo.
    • Be responsible for all cheer gear.
    • Be dedicated to the point of extra practices in areas of weakness.
    • No socializing with friends or cheerleaders while the game is in progress.
    • No chewing gum or eating during practice or games.
    • Expect to be asked to participate in activities designated by the Advisor.
    • Assist as judges for area cheerleader try-outs.
    • No questionable pictures or comments put on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
    • No dating of squad members, faculty or staff.
    • Must wear proper undergarments.
    • No sports bras to be worn in Harold Davis Fitness Center.
    • Cheerleaders cannot be associated with any other college events which conflicts with cheer practice and games.
    • Pick up scholarship books from the Training Center and return at the end of each semester by the due date or your transcript will be tagged and you will have to pay for them.
    • If absent from practice from game you must have a Doctors note.
    • All student athletes are subject to random drug testing.
  • Online Application

    Complete the online Cheerleading Application on this page.

  • Leadership Essay

    Compose a 300-500 word, typed essay explaining why you would be a great addition to the HC Cheer Squad. This essay should focus on your leadership skills, personal values, and cheerleading ability.

  • Letter of Reference

    Letter of Reference from Previous Cheer Sponsor – be sure to include a phone number at which he or she may be reached.

  • Medical Release Form

    Download & Fill-In

  • Acceptance to HC

    Must have acceptance to Howard College for the upcoming semester.

  • Cheerleading Contract

    Download, Fill-In, & sign.

  • Contact Information

    If you have any questions, please contact the Cheer Coach:


    Sloan Hohensee

    Phone: (432) 264-5111



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